Update on Research and Writing



As I come to the end of my PHD course-work there are a few pieces of writing and some works in progress that might be of interest to people who come across this space. The most notable things that come to mind are three articles that will be published at some point this year, each of which represent the culmination of a great deal of time and energy over the past few years. Since I began my masters degree, my research has fallen under three broad banners: a philosophical project on ontology and identity, a project on Mennonite theology and philosophy, and a project on secularity that falls broadly under the domain of religious studies and intellectual history.

Each of these projects overlaps with the other in a different way. For example, the ontology project constructively pursues a nonviolent understanding of identity in such a way that is motivated by the Mennonite project but not limited by it, and the Mennonite project proceeds from assumptions explained in the secularity project. But each are also distinct. The ontology project is philosophical and does not directly draw on any religious texts, while the Mennonite project arises from and critiques my own confessional background. The secularity project bridges the two, looking for shared legitimacies between philosophical and theological epistemologies.

I’m now in the fortunate position to say that each of these projects has resulted in an article-length study (and I have also listed other supporting talks that contribute to each project):

Mennonite Metaphysics


“Mennonite Metaphysics? Exploring the Philosophical Aspects of Mennonite Theology from Pacifist Epistemology to Ontological Peace” Mennonite Quarterly Review XCI/3 (July 2017) 19p.

“A Critique of Ontological Peace: Mennonite Theology and Metaphysics,” Anabaptist Theology: Methods and Practices, Humanitas Anabaptist-Mennonite Centre, TWU. June 7th 2017.

Postsecular History


“Postsecular History: Contemporary Continental Philosophy of Religion and the Seventeenth Century Dutch Collegiant Movement,” Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses (2017) 27 p. DOI: 10.1177/0008429817701707 

“Questioning Secularization, History, and Ethics,” A review essay on Radical Secularization? An Inquiry into the Religious Roots of Secular Culture. Ed. Latré et. Al. Society for Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World/SCTIW Review. (October 2016).

Ontology and Identity


“Identity, Ontology, and the Two / Идентитет, онтологија, и две,” Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender, and Culture. Vol. 13 (2016-2017): 101-136. English and Macedonian. Trans. Jordan Šišovski.

“Being, Dialectics, and Chiasmus” 20 p. Draft. 2017.

My talk at the regional AAR this past April pertains to all three projects, and forms the groundwork for what I hope will become my dissertation proposal.

As always, thanks for your interest!

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