Hello All,

It’s been nearly a year since I updated this site, and so a few things are in order. I’m happy to say that last Fall I began doctoral studies at McMaster University in the Religious Studies department, and a few pieces of writing have come out since that I’m excited about (most of which are posted on my academia.edu site). I’m also experimenting with a wixsite, so feel free to take a look here.

Projects mentioned in previous updates continue, along with my coursework, and so I’ll list them below for those who are interested:

– My master’s thesis revision on “Postsecular History” is in the proofs stage with Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses and so I’ll post a link here when it’s out on their website.

– The first half of the ontology project I’ve been working at for a few years will be published this month as an article called “Identity, Ontology, and the Two” in Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture. The PDF should be available shortly and so I’ll post that here when it’s ready. The second half is a bit riskier in its form, and so I’m still looking for a place for it.

– Tomorrow I will give a talk at the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre called “Mennonite Metaphysics? Exploring a Contradiction” which recaps and furthers my work on the topic since 2013. There’s also an appendix essay on Yoder and ontology that I’m not sure what to do with, but which might end up here.

– Last term I had an interesting course on Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and Augustine’s Confessions, which led to an essay that was fun to write and interesting to research.

– The next Zwickau Press manuscript – Isaiah Ritzmann’s More Than Atonement – is being proofread now and should be launched later this year.

– I’m currently working on editing a manuscript from the Mennonite Archives in Goshen, and I’ll post more details on that as things unfold.

– My future work will surely be on the nonviolent ontology and epistemology that follows from the work I’ve been doing on Mennonites and Metaphysics, and which will probably lead into my dissertation project.

Thanks for checking this space, and good luck out there!



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