April 2021 Research Update

It has been an extraordinarily busy month: two weeks ago I submitted the final revisions to Postsecular History to the publisher, submitted my dissertation “Ontologies of Violence” to my committee for defense in early May, and submitted the corrected proofs for my guest-edited special issue of Political Theology on Mennonite Political Theology, which is a… Continue reading April 2021 Research Update

Special Issue of Political Theology: Mennonite Political Theology

I’m very excited to announce a project that myself and several authors have been working on for the past year or so. In mid-April 2021 my guest-edited special issue of Political Theology on “Mennonite Political Theology” will publish contributions from confessional, queer, secular, and feminist Mennonite scholars. These exciting contributions include: • Maxwell Kennel, “Introduction: Interdisciplinary Approaches… Continue reading Special Issue of Political Theology: Mennonite Political Theology

“Posthumanism and Postsecular History” Panel Presentation

Webinar Panel. Posthumanism Research Institute. Brock University. March 8, 2021. Hello Everyone, Thanks very much for having me on this panel. For my contribution to our discussion of posthumanism and spirituality I am going to say a bit about my forthcoming book Postsecular History: Political Theology and the Politics of Time. Among other things, the… Continue reading “Posthumanism and Postsecular History” Panel Presentation

“Methodological Considerations in Religious Studies” Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture for Dr. Jennifer Otto’s seminar “Methods in Religious Studies,” University of Lethbridge. February 24, 2021. Hi Everyone, Thank you very much for having me in your seminar, and for the introduction. In the next ten minutes or so I am going to say a bit about Religious Studies, before giving an outline of… Continue reading “Methodological Considerations in Religious Studies” Guest Lecture

Two Upcoming Talks

In the next two months, as I make my final revisions on the Postsecular History book manuscript, I will be giving two online talks on material from the project. The first talk, in late February, will be part of an upper year methodology seminar in the Religious Studies program at the University of Lethbridge, taught… Continue reading Two Upcoming Talks

Religious Studies and Normativity

Guest lecture for the McMaster University, Department of Religious Studies methodology seminar “Issues in the Study of Religions,” taught by Dr. Dana Hollander. December 9, 2020. Readings: Atalia Omer, “Can a Critic be a Caretaker Too? Religion, Conflict, and Conflict Transformation,” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 79.2 (June 2011). Selections from Rainer Forst,… Continue reading Religious Studies and Normativity