Critique of Metaphysical Violence

“Critique of Metaphysical Violence,” Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review/Revue canadienne de philosophie (2017): 1-38. DOI: 10.1017/S0012217317000737 (pdf) This study bridges secular philosophical perspectives and Christian theological perspectives by showing how the critique of metaphysical violence is common to certain representatives of both parties. By examining specifically metaphysical, and therefore epistemologically significant, ways of critiquing violence, thisContinue reading “Critique of Metaphysical Violence”

Identity, Ontology, and the Two

“Identity, Ontology, and the Two / Идентитет, онтологија, и две,” Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender, and Culture. Vol. 13 (2016-2017): 101-136. English & Macedonian. Trans. Jordan Šišovski. The following investigation examines the ontological concept of identity through the perspectives of several contemporary European philosophers, specifically attending to the critique of binary thinking contained within theirContinue reading “Identity, Ontology, and the Two”

Postsecular History

“Postsecular History: Contemporary Continental Philosophy of Religion and the Seventeenth Century Dutch Collegiant Movement,” Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 46/3 (September 2017): 406-432. DOI: 10.1177/0008429817701707 This study provides a particular historical reading of the postsecular moment. In an effort to problematize and historicize the claims of both the secular and the postsecular, this study draws a connecting lineContinue reading “Postsecular History”

Mennonite Metaphysics?

“Mennonite Metaphysics? Exploring the Philosophical Aspects of Mennonite Theology from Pacifist Epistemology to Ontological Peace” Mennonite Quarterly Review 91/3 (July 2017): 403-421. “There is a certain antithesis between being philosophical and being Mennonite.” – Ralph C. Kauffman (1943) This study traces the history of the relationship between Mennonite theology and philosophy from its early stages in theContinue reading “Mennonite Metaphysics?”

Robert Friedmann’s Design for Living

Design for Living: Regard, Concern, Service, and Love, by Robert Friedmann. Edited and Introduced by Maxwell Kennel. Preface by Leonard Gross (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2017).  “Friedmann writes lucidly, with a free flowing style and above all with keen and empathetic discernment as a man who has cut for himself a broad swath ofContinue reading “Robert Friedmann’s Design for Living”