Review of Friedmann, Design for Living (2017/2021)

The manuscript by Mennonite historian Robert Friedmann that I produced an edition of has recently been reviewed in the Conrad Grebel Review by Astrid von Schlachta – a scholar of the Hutterites who is a lecturer at the University of Regensburg and directs the Mennonite Research Center in Weierhof, Germany.

She writes,

In the end, Friedmann calls for seeking a mature life that is concerned with learning “the art of meaningful living and the art of making responsible decision[s].” His quest, as outlined in this book, aims at a holistic education of the human being and the education of the heart, in a long process of searching in which the person is not satisfied with stereotypical answers and rote knowledge. Knowledge must be put into practice. This path excludes empty generalizations and calls upon us to be mature, free, and personally responsible, yet always in contact with God and oriented towards the community.

Conrad Grebel Review 38.3 (Fall 2020): 273-276.
See here for publication details!

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