Update on Research and Writing


Hello All,

The past few months have been busy, and so I feel that I should post an update on some things I’ve been doing for those who encounter this space and wonder what kind of work I do in my doctoral studies. I’ve posted links to a few new reviews on the writings tab, and I’ve tried to keep my profile up to date as well. My academia.edu site may slow down, given the way that they are monetizing what was previously a helpful open access forum.

The edition of Robert Friedmann’s Design for Living that I edited is in the final stages with Wipf and Stock, and I’m currently correcting page proofs (more information on the book can be found here).

The main page of this site also has posts that contain PDF’s of four articles that I have published in 2017: one on ontology, one on Mennonites and philosophy, one on postsecular epistemology and seventeenth century Dutch dissenters, and one on violence and metaphysics.

I just returned from two conferences: (1) the 18th Believer’s Church conference at Goshen College where I presented a paper on the Gospel of All Creatures and Mennonite attitudes toward the church and the world, and (2) the Mennonite Scholars and Friend’s Gathering at the AAR where I presented a paper on Taubes, supersessionism, and restitutionism.

In other exciting news, as of November 2017, the Zwickau Press initiative I have been working on slowly over the past few years has published its third title, Isaiah Ritzmann’s More Than Atonement.

Lastly, I should draw attention to some events at the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre. The first is the recent conversation there with Joan and Oliver O’Donovan on A. James Reimer’s Toward an Anabaptist Political Theology (a report on the conversation is here). The second is the release of Kyle Gingerich Hiebert’s The Architectonics of Hope – a book that I’m very excited to read closely. And the third note is that submissions are open for the eight biennial graduate student conference hosted by the TMTC. See here for the CFP.


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