Abstract for the “Seminar on Technology” for MCC Assembly

“The seminar will first outline the shifts in culture, occurring in recent decades, from modernity to postmodernity as well as how these shifts are mirrored in technology. I will then present a view of technology specifically as a human tool, which is both used by individuals, and also forms and shapes individuals in social and spiritual ways. I will employ criticisms of culture and technology from the works of Jean Baudrillard, Bernard Stiegler, and Shane Hipps’ work on the media theorist Marshall McLuhan. I will be encouraging the participants of the seminar to think critically about how they use technology and how technology uses them, while walking a line between the separatist attitudes often expressed in traditional Mennonite culture and the total embrace of media often seen in secular culture. Instead of seeing our lives of faith as being separate from our use of technology and tools I will encourage those attending the seminar to be aware of the ways in which the media and technological proliferation influence the Christian life as it is lived.”

Come out and hear the talk! The website is here. I am scheduled for 4:00 to 5:15 on Tuesday the 5th and Thursday the 7th…

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