“Towards an Ontology of Division” at SUNY Oneonta

Hey Folks,

It looks like I’ll be speaking again at an undergraduate philosophy conference, this time in New York state. Amy and I will be heading down at the end of next week for a few days of presentations and a lot of reading time on the Greyhound. It will be nice to get away for a little while as the past little while has been school, moving, and exams. Some travel plans are still being confirmed (many thanks to Alex Svoboda), but the accommodations are booked and the bus tickets are paid for (mine by the generous people at the philosophy department at Waterloo).


>Feel free to take a look at the following mini-review for the Church and Postmodern Culture Blog, and some poetryI wrote for the Boar a few weeks ago.

>Also, if anyone has heard whether the UW Chevron is still running send me an email.

>And lastly: myself, my brother, and Doug Guilbeault will be reading Sartre’s Being and Nothingness together as a sort of reading group (more on that later).



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