SUNY Reflection Updated!

The first paper I attended was presented by Luke Davies of the University of Toronto (who I had heard give a paper on Wittgenstein at the Windsor Conference). I can safely say that I learned more about Kant in that 20 minutes than in the several years preceding it. The next paper was presented by… Continue reading SUNY Reflection Updated!

“Repeating Peirce” at the University of Windsor

Hey Folks, This year I’ll be presenting a paper called “Repeating Peirce: Designation as Discernment” at the University of Windsor Critical Reflections Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. It’s this coming Friday, details can be found on the website and in the schedule. If anyone can make it out to the Borden loft this Wednesday at 7:45 I… Continue reading “Repeating Peirce” at the University of Windsor