SPECULATIONS III – Provisional Table of Contents







Editors Introduction



Benjamin Norris “Re-asking the Question of the Gendered Subject after Non-philosophy”

Beatrice Marovich “Thing Called Love: That Old, Substantive, Relation”

Levi R. Bryant “The Other Face of God: Lacan, Theological Structure, and the Accursed Remainder”

Daniel Whistler “Improper Names for God: Religious Language and the ‘Spinoza-Effect’”

Daniel Colucciello Barber “Namelessness and the Speculative Turn: A Response to Whistler”

Christopher Norris “Diagonals: Truth-Procedures in Derrida and Badiou”

Michael Haworth “Synchronicity and Correlationism: Carl Jung as Speculative Realist”



Graham Harman “Über stellvertretende Verursachung”

Louis Morelle “Speculative Realism: After finitude, and beyond?: A vade mecum”


Position Papers and Interview

Christian Thorne “Outward Bound: On Quentin Meillassoux’s After Finitude”

Peter Wolfendale “The Noumenon’s New Clothes (Part 1)”

Fabio Gironi “Of Realist Turns: A conversation with Stathis Psillos”



Daniel Sacilotto “In Defense of Unfashionable Causes”

Fabio Gironi “Assessing the French Atheistic Turn”

Dave Mesing “Fight and Flight: Merrifield’s Magical Convulsions”

Maxwell Kennell “Graham Harman, Circus Philosophicus”*

Yuting Zou “Joseph Nechvatal’s nOise anusmOs installation”


*I have been assured that the typo will be corrected 🙂

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Maxwell Kennel is a PHD candidate in the Department of Religious Studies at McMaster University.

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